Start working with good fortune and prosperity

Feb 22 , 2018

Adhering to spirit of guanbao, fight for business

With rich and professional skill, get good fortune everywhere

Start working with good fortune and prosperity

God helps those who help themselves, new changement appear each passing day

2017 is an extraordinary, unforgettable and proud year for Huaihai international development corporation.

Start working with good fortune and prosperity

The year of 2017 has passed, we have already steped into the 2018 new year! 

We are bound to arrive at our desired destination by overcoming all difficulties and abstacles. Look forward to the new year, we have full confidence in our future. 

Let us make progress together with a hundred times of enthusiasm, a thousand times of calm and wisdom. 

Huaihai international development corporation will achieve new height in 2018!

Start working with good fortune and prosperity

After a happy ad auspicious spring festival, we come back to our duty, we should devote ourselves to our work with more enthisiasm, more good working style and more effective messures. 

We must get into working position as quickly as possible with abandoning the thought that it is still festival until passing the lantern festival. 

We must consciously integrate thougt and action into this year’s work objectives.

In the beginning of the new year, everything takes on a fresh and new look

After sending away last year’s hard work and busy, we start the first work day with new look!

We are ready now!