520 i want to say to you

May 20 , 2018

Life is a journey,

Loving, is the best spiritual practice.

520, I have many words want to say to you.

520 i want to say to you

To Relatives

No matter how old we are, Parents always play an irreplaceable role in our life. 

The feeling between them already not a word of LOVE can be expressed. 

As time goes by, 

The elders’  footsteps go farther and farther. For long years, time is the greatest thief,

 stealing our youth and the people we love most.

520 i want to say to you

To Beloved

Easy for falling in love and hard for insistence. 

Support each other and keep company till old, it is our simplest but most extravagant desire. 

Time goes by, years have left mottled wrinkles on your face. The only thing can’t be eroded is my love for you.

520 i want to say to you

To Friends

The age is growing, the friends around me are also getting more mature. During our whole life, 

we met many people and experienced many things. 

Most of them are your passersby and scenery. Those companionable friends are the deepest feeling in our heart. 

Accompany is one of the most beautiful confession, I love you, you are my treasure forever.

520 i want to say to you

Special 520

Speak out the special love

Tell to special him/her

No matter you are in which coner of the world

Huaihai is willing to have a romantic engagement with you

Huaihai—trying to share with the world the infinite possibilities of wheel

520 i want to say to you