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  • Hi-Go(卢箫)-蓝色03-03

    Hi-Go, Hi-Safety! Episode 3 of Hi-Go’s debut live

    Hi-Go, Hi-Safety! Learn more on Hi-Safety in episode 3 of Hi-Go’s debut live at 9:30 am (UTC+8) Dec.3th. Dana and Shawn will take you through all the safety features of this electric rickshaw. Don’t miss this.  Address: https://fb.me/e/1lHdYfYAH
  • Top five performance electric scooters

    What is the right size of the scooter tire?        The appearance of the scooters is actually the same. There are some main differences that you can’t see from the appearance. Let’s talk about what you can see first.        At present, most of the scooters on the market have tires of about 8 inches. For S, Plus, and Pro versions, the tires are raised to about 8.5-9 inches. In fact, there is not much difference between larger tires and smaller tires. Yes, there won’t be any particularly obviou...
  • Why choose foldable electric scooter as your travel tool?

                 Nowadays, electric scooters have gradually replaced electric bicycles and become one of the mainstream means of transportation. It has many advantages, such as light weight, compactness, environmental protection, and any drive and stop, and is favored by many people. Many people choose electric scooters as a commuting tool, and no longer have to crowd the subway or public transportation. Moreover, it is convenient to carry after being folded, and it can also be taken into the sub...
  • Hi-Go(卢箫)-蓝色03-03

    Hi-Go, Hi-Energy & Hi-Intelligence! Episode 2 of Hi-Go’s debut live

    Hi-Go, Hi-Energy & Hi-Intelligence! Catch Episode 2 of Hi-Go’s debut live  at 16:00 pm Nov. 26th (+8UTC), as Shawn Lu takes you through the incredible enrgy and Intelligence of this new electric rickshaw.  Address: https://fb.me/e/1X403Esn5
  • Hi-Go(董文芹)-蓝色02

    Hi-Go, Hi-Design & Hi-Comfort! Episode 1 of Hi-Go’s debut live

    Hi-Go, High-Design & High-Comfort! Join Huaihai live on Friday, November 19th at 4 PM (+8UTC), catch Episode 1 of Hi-Go’s debut live, as Dana Dong takes you through the incredible design and comfort of this new electric rickshaw.  Address: https://fb.me/e/1d3LVPJPc