Establish in 1976 with Xuzhou Liangshankou Vehicle Factory as former company, the Huaihai Holding Group is the most qualified mini vehicle manufacturing company in the field


The registration of “Huaihai” Brand witnessed the development history of Chinese Mini Vehicle Industry


The establishment of Huaihai Holding Group, Jiangsu Province


The foundation of affiliate, Jiangsu Zongshen Company. With diversified investment of $ 15.1 million dollars to achieve 100% development in both value and output, regarding as the industrial miracle


The Jiangsu Zongshen 2nd construction was supported by $ 30.3 million dollars investment from the group to achieve 30,0000 annual sets production capacity of motorcycles and form the top level company power in the industry


With sales volume ranks the top in domestic market, Jiangsu Zongshen Company became the largest motor tricycle manufacturer in China.


With $ 83.41 million dollars investment contribute to the 3rd constrion of Jiangsu Zongshen, sound foundaion was built for achieving million sets output capacity and No.1 company


Registed as National Level Group Company, the “Huaihai” became the leader and standard in the industry.


With $ 15.1 million dollars investment towards the Jiangsu Zongshen 4th construsction and tech building covering 140000 square meters, the company acquired another milestone in the peak of this industry.


Jiangsu Zongshen Electronic & Mechanic Company was established under the strategic cooperation between Huaihai Holding Group and Zongshen Group as another essential mileage in development of the top


$ 7.583 million dollars was invested to establish Jiangsu Huaihai New Energy Vehicle Company to build up another leading company in EV industry.

Tianjin Zongshen Company was founded with $ 7.583 million dollars to fulfill the significant strategic layout in Huaibei market, forming largest mini vehicle production base in this area.


With another essential strategic cooperation between Huaihai Holding Group and Zongshen Group to realize the primary layout in southwestern domestic market as establishing Chongqing Zongshen Vehicle Company and acquire the leading position in mini vehicle producing industry in this area. 

The Huaihai Holding Group invested huge amount of fund to acquire the former Navy 4813 Equipment Company, forming the national level manufacturing giant, Huaihai Mechanic & Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, which marks the dawn of the company`s core components business.


The International Development Cooperation was established in advance of the industry with the national The Belt and Road strategy to stabilize the overseas market network, spreading hot sale products all over the world to build up a sound foundation for the progress and development of the group` business


$ 45 million dollars was invested to found Hongan New Energy Auto Co.,Ltd, up-grading the business range from economical vehicle towards luxury vehiles, enhancing the business developments of the company to be rapid and healthy.


In 2018, the annual export volume increased by 70%,serve for more than 70% of the world's population,ranking the first in the industry. 


In 2019, Huaihai Holding Group established and implemented a "High Quality, Lithiumization, Globalization" development strategy.The exported products ranks No. 1 in the industry for 3 consecutive years. In 2019, Huaihai Holding Group's globalization strategy has taken a solid step.


The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary one. A sudden Covid-19 pandemic slows down the flow of goods imports and exports, blocking the circulation of the global supply chain; foreign investment has been dramatically affected, and the international trade pattern undergoes profound changes.With the guidance of the group's development strategy and the leadership team, all Huaihai International employees worked together to overcome difficulties and march forward courageously. The company's business reached a new record high and wrote a rich chapter on Huaihai International's overseas development journey.