Canton Fair 2020 Autumn, China Import and Export Fair

Frame: Adopt an integrated bent beam structure to smooth the transition of pipe material through pipe bending process, reduce the gaps between welding and weld between pipes, avoid stress concentration, high strength and strong industrial texture at the weld during welding;

Let us introduce from front part. Now we can see the front basket, the iron bar even as wide as my figure, very solid structure. You can put your your bag or helmet in it, very convenient. Next is the front fork, we have two of four top suppliers for it, the diameter is φ27mm, it is hydraulic, we put hydraulic oil in it, which is provide good shock absorption performance, make you drive comfortable even on bad road situation. Also you can see the appreace, it is very smooth and bright, showing our high quality standard for the parts.  This is head light and turning light, they all have EEC certification. The installation size conform to the requirements of EEC. Here is the instrument table, we can find many functions of this tricycle. Firstly it has 2 gears, here is the button to choose Forward gear or Reverse gear. And for Forward gear, there are 3 kind of different speed to adjust, here is the button to chose High, Middle or Low speed. And if we use reverse gear, there will be alarm to warn walkers behind you. We can see speed information in the LED meter, also it shows the battery information, light information, Current speed and totally range information. Let me show you.

Now we tend to the seat, as I mention before, the cushion and backrest is more ergonomic,  Thickened backrest and seat cushion with comfortable driving. The driver seat cushion with off-seat alarm setting, it can remind the people to turn off  the power when get off the vehicle, ensuring driver’s and others’ safety.  Under the seat is the battery, and battery is 60V and 32 AH providing the long range of 50km. Let us see the armrest, we use one integrated bending strengthen tube, which is very thick and strong. You can see we design every part with considering peoples’ life. Online Canton Fair

Let’s move to passenger’s seat, it is bigger than the driver’s seat and fit in a lady and a child. Here there is a magic design thought, let me show you, The seat is folded now, let us lift the cushion and unfold it, then it becomes a cargo tricycle, it is very cool, right? That is the the big shining point of this vehicle, one vehicle two options, pay money for one vehicle, but getting two vehicles. Nobody will reject it, right? Canton Fair 2020

Last part is the rear suspension, the structure is spring shock absorption, provide comfortable riding. The rear axle are made our ourselves, we choose the top brand supplier for spare parts, so the quality can be controlled well.

Now the introduction for this model is almost finished, next is free time, it is your turn to tell us your questions and requirements, then i and our assistant gary will give you a reply in time.

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Okay everyone, it come to the end. Electric tricycle is our most featured products, we have rich experience in R&D and manufacturing, and have exported them into over 86 countries in the world. If you like our products, do not hesitate to connect us, please send your contacts here, our colleague will contact you and send you more details right now.

Post time: Jun-22-2020