In the list of “JIANGSU FAMOUS EXPORT BRAND (2020-2022) ” officially released by The Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province,  Huaihai Holding Group stands out and listed honorably among many participating enterprises.
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This event is held every three years, focusing on six aspects of an enterprise, including the ability of R&D and innovation, internationalized standard production, sales of market, intellectual property protection, globalized operation and social evaluation. A total of 421 brands in Jiangsu province is listed “JIANGSU FAMOUS EXPORT BRAND (2020-2022) “.
Huaihai Holding Group, covers the main business of mini- vehicles, electric autos, core components, the international trade and modern finance, forming a diversified industrial layout for the coordinated development with the trinity-related industries of “production, financing and network”. As the World Guinness record holder, Huaihai group has produced and sold more than 20 million mini vehicles. In 2019, the total production and sales reached more than 1.8 million units, achieving two firsts with domestic sales and overseas export. It has been ranked the first in the industry for 14 years continuously and regarded as the global mini vehicles model enterprise.
This list of our group will further enhance the international competitiveness and influence of Huaihai brand. Under the new situation of accelerating the formation of a new development pattern in the new era, Huaihai will continue to expand the export of its own brand products in order to make new contributions to promoting the high-quality development of foreign trade in Jiangsu Province and Xuzhou city.

Post time: Nov-03-2020