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Our company, Huaihai Holding Group is a leading manufacturer in mini vehicle industry, for the past 44 years we are keeping providing travelling solutions to people in different ages, classes and nations. And from a long time ago, we are caring about how to make elderly drive more safely and comfortably. And that is our topic today.

Nowadays the aging population is becoming a big problem in worldwide. According to an investigation from the internet, by the year of 2018, population of over 65 years old is 8.5% of the total population in the world. And it is expected that by the the year of 2050, this number will increase to 17% . In Europe and North America, there will be over 25% of population over 65 years old, it means on every 4 persons you can meet one “old person”.ListCanton Fair online

The aging population has changed our daily life and bring lots of related problems. In many countries, Driving License will be canceled to people over 65 years old if they didn’t past annual test. Also it is dangerous for elderly to driving motorcycle or Electric motorcycle on road, and about public transportation most time is not convenient at all. So it is a headache for old people to go out. On this basis, we want hope to provide our solutions. We advice elderly drive electric tricycles to solve their travelling problems. Beside me is one of our featured models, we can have a look. Canton Fair Buyer

Why electric tricycle is suitable for elderly? I think there are at least 3 big reasons. Firstly, tricycle is safer. In structure it is more stable than 2 wheels, and we set the max speed at 25 km/h, which is not fast at all but is good for old people. Secondly, tricycle is more comfortable when driving. We use the top quality seat cushion for the driver seat and passenger seat. It is not easy to feel tired even driving for hours. Thirdly, this tricycle has smaller size, it is 8 feet long, 3.4 feet wide. You will like it when driving in a crowed street. Online Canton Fair

As we know, Motor is the core of the vehicle. This tricycle is equipped with 60V1000W motor, we use first line brand, it has the performance of large starting torque, fast dynamic response, strong overload capacity, low noise, smooth operation, long service life. Its peak power reaches to 2200W, providing the max speed 30km/h, that is enough for elderly to drive.

Second important part is the controller, our controller has High conversion efficiency, no jitter starting, strong overload capacity, low voltage protection. It has self-check function: dynamic self-check and static self-check. As long as the controller is in the power state, it will automatically detect the interface state related to it, such as turning handle, brake handle or other external switch, etc. In case of failure, the controller will automatically implement protection to fully guarantee the safety of riding.

Third one is the rear axle, we choose national quality supply system of main reducer, and the high-temperature quenching process is used for the half shaft. The P5 grade bearings ensure the quality stability of the transmission system we made it ourselves, the axle tube:φ56mm, the thickness is 3.5mm.Canton Fair Buyer

Post time: Jun-22-2020