What is a Kick Scooter Used For

Kick scooters, like many other mobility vehicles like bicycles, hoverboards, and skateboards, are gaining more and more popularity not only for city dwellers but also for people who want both convenient transport and weekend leisure. 

These riding devices have been around as early as the 1920s and although most of the modern machines are manufactured commercially, people, especially teens from many third world countries are still using wooden materials. These devices usually have wooden body frames and use bearings as wheels.

Different types have different specific uses and in this article, this is what we are going to discuss so if you are planning to buy one, you will be guided accordingly.

Types of Kick Scooters and their Uses

1.Two-wheel Type

The most common scooter is the two-wheel models. They are common sightings used by people from different walks of life. Because these products are very useful especially at work or at school, most models are folding and adjustable allowing the user to carry it easily while on the subway or when taking a bus.

Two-wheel designs are some of the least expensive rides, easy to balance, and can go almost everywhere. These scooters are typically designed for kids as young as 6 years old and adults and usually have a 90kgs (220lbs) weight capacity. Some of the most common uses include but not limited to the following:

  • Can be used as daily transport to and from school
  • Use as daily transport to and from work. This is recommended especially for people who are doing multiple part-time jobs as transferring from one job to another could be time-consuming if one’s other job is just a couple of blocks away. 
  • Use as a weekend leisure ride with friends and family
  • Use while navigating around the city

A great example of this folding riding H851 is one of the best-selling products and is highly popular among riders.


2.Off-Road/All-Terrain Type


The off-road type is similar to a  common 2-wheel model but it usually has thicker and bigger pneumatic wheels made of rubber. They are built for thrill-seekers on muds and dirt. Off-road devices are usually heavier with bigger and stronger frames and made of sturdier materials like alloy steel or aircraft-grade aluminum.

Off-road models are not designed for daily commuting as they are heavier and more difficult to carry. People who like to go outdoors use this type of ride during weekends or holiday leisure.

Uses of Off-road machines:

  • They are used in navigating challenging terrains like deserts, mud, dirt, or hilly tracks.
  • They are used for fun and not for common city riding
  • They are using in off-road riding competitions

Planning to buy an off-road ride? Look no other than the H series . The best off-road two-wheel ride and the most popular among dirt riders.



3.Electric Type


Not all electric models can be operated by kicking when the battery is drained but most two-wheel electric rides are designed to run even without the battery. Electric types are built for more comfortable and longer rides but they may be difficult to carry when you take the subway or a bus.

Another reason to buy an electric kick is when your daily road to school or work has a long uphill portion. You can kick downhill but certainly can use the electric motor uphill.

What electric models are used for?

  • Most comfortable and relaxing rides
  • Longer distance and uneven hills 
  • The motor can be used when you are tired of kicking

Having said so, if you decide to buy an electric model, the R series is the best product I can recommend.

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4.Pro Kick Type

The pro kick type also called stunt, or freestyle is a special model designed for stunts and exhibitions on skate parks and competitions. These devices are not your ordinary daily-commuting device. They are the most durable machines because they are designed for heavy-duty usage. Imagine falling from a 6-feet jump and landing on the ground while still on top of the deck? No device could last if it is not built to last. 

The pro kick scooters are used for:

  • Stunts and exhibitions on skate parks
  • Freestyle competitions

Want to buy a freestyle model? Try the Fuzion X-3 – B077QLQSM1


Post time: Mar-01-2022